Along with the several plays Annu Kapoor has directed ‘Abhay – The Fearless’

Abhay – The Fearless

Annu Kapoor directed Hindi film “Abhay – The Fearless” in 1994 starring Nana Patekar, Moon Sen and Benjamin Gilani for the Children's Film Society, India; has a music by Vishal Bharadwaj.
‘Abhay – The Fearless’ narrates the story of a family of the Nayaks disregard rumours that the house they have moved into is haunted by the ghost of its former owner Rana. Their three children take delight in these ghost stories and desire to meet the ghost. Meanwhile Rana and his fellow ghost, unhappy with this intrusion, plot to scare the new owners. As the living pit their wits against the ghosts, secrets tumble that will not just shed more light on the ghosts’ pasts, but also show that children are not meek creatures to be cowed down by the fear of the unknown.
  The film won the 1994 National Film Award for Best Children's Film for Children’s Film Society of India which promotes films that provide healthy and wholesome entertainment for children to broaden their perspective and encourage them to reflect on the world around.

Annu Kapoor is planning to direct feature films and television serials with rich content. He got ‘V. Shantaram Award’ for Best Director category for this film.